A temptress he says, but never a tease.



I have truly come to the place of the unknown in life… Where I have completely no idea what will happen in the next moment & honestly, I don’t care to know. I’ve stopped trying to figure out the future and left my fear in the past. I just take each moment as it comes, trusting every second of my life with the all Mighty, this has left me in a comfortable clueless state. I don’t care to know anymore, I don’t care to guess or try to figure anything out

I just let myself live now and let the Mystery create as it has for years

It used to be that I was falling. Now I’m falling into falling. The past is in the ground. The future has not fallen yet; it has no ground, no home. Certainly, no certainty

If I could know the unknowable, everything I now know would fall away.



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